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DNA RAYO-Z rackets have many specifications: Head light (285-287mm), Even Balance (288-289mm), light weight (82g and 83g), and medium flex for ease of use for beginners.

*Can string up 26lbs.

*Designed for Beginners to Intermediate Players.

DNA RAYO-Z racket has the best performance on fast attacks and drivings.

All DNA Rackets are G5 grip size (Same of YONEX G5 grip size)

Shaft Flexibility (Racket Stiffness)

We measure "flexibility" of a racket by 2 supports at the handle and T-joint. Applying a 20Kg weight at the middle of the shaft. The bent lenght of the shaft will be the index of FLEX. Therefore, the bigger the number, more flexible will be the shaft. In general, number will between 6.5.0mm - 9.5mm.


Xtra Stiff

7.0 - 8.0mm






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